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GALLERY: The Sogolovitz Family  

The headstone and pictures (page 18) are of the Sogolovitz (Sogg) family: Hirsch (Harris) and Leah (Lena) Sogolovitz who came to Cleveland around 1890 from Sokolka in the Bialystok District of Lithuania (now Poland).

Approximate Year  1915-1920 ????
Left to Right - Spouses behind each man
Ida Sogolovitz Friedman and Harry Friedman
Sarah and Abraham Sogolovitz
Rose and Louis Sogolovitz  (my great grandparents)
Sarah and Philip Sogolovitz  (Grandparents of Wilton Sogg)
Lena and Jacob Sogolovitz  (he was the founder of "the old home" now known as Menorah Park)
Goldie Sogolovitz Galvin and Louis Galvin
Missing from picture: Peshie Sogolovitz Galvin and Julius Galvin (2 brothers married 2 sisters)


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