WHEELING: Wheeling to Cleveland
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The Temple announces Silver's selection

April 22, 1917 Temple members see their new rabbi

Instead of a monthly newsletter, each week the Temple would mail a Bulletin to its members. The Bulletin for the week of April 22, 1917 announces that Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver of Wheeling West Virginia will "occupy the pulpit" at their Sunday service on April 22. No title for his sermon is shown.

The Temple board's decision had been made and it would be announced to members at the annual meeting a week later. The Jewish Independent had reported his selection on the Friday before this service.

This appearance was a way members could hear their next rabbi and see how well their Board had done.

See endnote: Hymns.


April 29, 1917   The Temple announces its selection of Abba Hillel Silver

In its weekly issue of Friday May 4, 1917 the Jewish Independent reported on the Temple's annual meeting of April 29. The choice of Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver to succeed Moses Gries was front page news. Temple President Lowenstein's extended account of the selection process was the source of the quotations shown on a previous page. Our images are enlarged.

Abba Hillel Silver had returned to Wheeling to say his good-byes. more

See endnote on the announcement.

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