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July 1906 - the Federation of American Zionists meets at Tannersville NY
Thirteen year old Abe Silver, their youngest speaker,
makes his first Zionist address 
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Photo (perhaps 1945) by Alexander Archer.


Photo by Alexander Archer
At Madison Square Garden
WMCA is the radio station in the Hotel McAlpin in NYC


As chairman of the Jewish Agency for Palestine Abba Hillel Silver
testifies before the United Nations in November 1947.
At his right is Andrea Gromyko of the Soviet Union.
Seated behind him are Emanuel Neumann, Golda Meir and Moshe Sharett.

Moments after the UN vote on November 29, 1947
Moshe Sharett, who would soon become Israel's first Foreign Minister, embraces a jubilant Abba Hillel Silver.  Photo Keystone

Source of photos:
Therefore Choose Life: Selected Sermons, Addresses and Writings of Abba Hillel Silver
World Publishing Company 1967
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