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Simpson Thorman 2  -   Lizzie Thorman Hays

Lizzie Thorman Hays 1841-1907
(photo ca 1860-70)
1841 - born in Cleveland
Daughter of Simpson and Regina Klein Thorman
A founder of the Jewish Orphan Asylum
Member of Council of Jewish Women.

Kaufman Hays, 1835-1916  ECH
(photo ca 1860-70)
"Born in Hesse-Darmstadt, came to Cleveland in 1852... He started out as a clerk in a clothing store but turned to peddling as a quicker means of accumulating capital. Hays succeeded in the clothing business and then turned to banking. He was an organizer of the First National Bank ... and later acquired the Cleveland Worsted Mills." (MT)
Vice president of Cleveland City Council
City treasurer.
President of Tifereth Israel 1867-71.

Married in 1861, the couple had four daughters: Frances (married Rabbi Moses Gries),
Belle (married Martin Marks),
(next page) and Nettie

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