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Cleveland's Jewish Newspapers and Magazines  

Editors note:

This page has two objectives:

  • To display a timeline of Jewish periodical publications, showing how they started, merged and ended.

  • To be an index page for this website's pages on Cleveland Jewish periodicals.

Arnold Berger January 5, 2017



1889 1893 1899 1906 1964
Hebrew Observer Jewish Review & Observer Cleveland Jewish
  Jewish Review
      Jewish Independent

Source: Encyclopedia of Cleveland History page on the Cleveland Jewish News.
It might be interesting to stage a debate.

One side would propose that Cleveland's Jewish community has been made stronger because it has had strong Jewish publications. This team could say that activities, attendance at events, membership in organizations and even gifts all grow in the sunlight of an active Jewish press.

The other side would argue the converse: that Cleveland's strong Jewish community is the fertile soil in which a Jewish press can flourish. There are meetings and programs to publicize, challenges to warn about and great gifts of service and substance to recognize. 
The About Us page on the Cleveland Jewish News website does not say who organized the  civic group that incorporated as the Cleveland Jewish Publication Company in 1964, but surely the impetus would have come from the Jewish Community Federation. Lloyd Schwenger, who led the effort and was the CJN's first president, had been a Federation vice president in 1958. After his CJN service he would go on to serve two terms in the late 1960s as president of Federation.

The CJN "About Us" page says "The Jewish Community Federation helped support the CJN initially, until it established itself as financially independent."

Schwenger CJN 1966 steps down as CJN president

The CLEVELAND JEWISH NEWS became heir to the tradition of the city's English-language Jewish press in 1964, when it was born of the merger of the Jewish Review & Observer with the Jewish Independent. It could be traced back to the founding of Cleveland's first Jewish newspaper, the Hebrew Observer, by Hiram Straus and Sam Oppenheimer on 5 July 1889. Oppenheimer then teamed with Jack Machol in 1893 to start the Jewish Review, which was purchased 3 years later by Dan S. Wertheimer. Both weeklies were merged by Wertheimer in 1899 into the Jewish Review & Observer, which remained in the control of the family for the next 65 years. Established on 9 Mar. 1906, the Jewish Independent became another family enterprise when Maurice Weidenthal of the PLAIN DEALER became editor several weeks later. Circulation had approached 20,000 by 1917 when Weidenthal died and was succeeded by his brother, Leo. A renowned literary and theatrical scholar, LEO WEIDENTHAL† guided the Independent for nearly 50 years. His impending retirement in 1964 served as the catalyst for a reorganization of Cleveland's Jewish press by a civic group incorporated as the Cleveland Jewish Publication Co. Headed by Lloyd S. Schwenger, the board drew upon a credit of $155,000 to purchase both the Independent and the Jewish Review & Observer, which published their last editions on 23 Oct. 1964.

 Cleveland Jewish News made its bow as a 32-page tabloid on 30 Oct. 1964.




Cleveland Cleveland Jewish News printed weekly plus special editions
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Columbus Ohio Jewish Chronicle printed biweekly plus special editions
Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle of Pittsburgh printed weekly

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