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Mitchell Rose


In the 1920s large groups often posed for panoramic photos. On Sunday May 1, 1927, in the early afternoon, near Masonic Hall on the northeast corner of Euclid Avenue and East 36th Street, those who would be attending the national convention's opening session at 3 pm assembled for a group picture.

Luckily, this 37 inch by 10 inch treasure has survived, but not well as it had been stored for more than 90 years, rolled up and unprotected from light. The vertical lighter bands show the fading that resulted. I created the image by stitching together scans of its left, center and right.

The right-of-center line points to the only delegate who has been identified: Max Koblentz (1885-1971), who came to Cleveland in 1908, worked as a carpenter and union organizer and was a long-time Workmen's Circle leader.


  The copy of the image shown above has been reduced in size
for internet viewing. It will not produce a sharp, detailed print.

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