Rabbi Moshe Berger


I entered the rabbinate relatively late in life. Having witnessed numerous unwholesome relationships between rabbis and their congregations, I resolved early in my career never to enter that fray. Therefore, over a period of three years, I resisted invitations from Sinai Synagogue to become their rav. In 2001, my wife Marilyn suggested that I agree to serve for a six-week trial period. I wisely followed her advice. By week two, we all knew that the relationship would be long-term.

Our enthusiasm for this position is a function of the nature of the Sinai community members. Although they are committed to maintaining traditional halachic standards in the synagogue, they personally represent many different levels and styles of Jewish practice and are welcoming to all. Because of their thirst for knowledge, they inspire me to maintain my highest possible standards as I strive to communicate and, together with Marilyn, to model Torah values. We are constantly thankful for this respectful even loving relationship.

Rabbi Moshe Berger
Sinai Synagogue (Orthodox)


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