Since the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 B.C.E., our ancestors must have dreamed often about what Jerusalem looked like when the Temple stood there. They also certainly dreamed about a future when Jews would again be able to live in Jerusalem ďat the end of days.Ē

We, who are privileged to live at this time, arenít limited to dreams about Jerusalem and the land of Israel. We can go and see the amazing state of Israel.

While it may be too much to expect that we all visit Jerusalem three times every year as the Torah commands, perhaps we ought to follow the Muslim practice of hajj and feel commanded that at least once in a lifetime, every Jew ought to visit Israel. My guess is that, for most Jews, the first visit will not be the last!

Rabbi Alan Lettofsky
Beth Israel-The West Temple (Reform)

Image copyright Herbert Ascherman © 2008


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