Rabbi Matthew J. Eisenberg


In July 1996, I came to the synagogue for my first day of work. My father (Rabbi Frederick Eisenberg) handed me the synagogue keys and said, ďIím going down to the boat. Call me if you need me. If you donít call, thatís okay, too.Ē We have been blessed with a wonderful working relationship and many good boat rides.

As a child, I played shortstop, but never with an etrog. Succot is a joyous time to thank God for our blessings. We are free to celebrate as Jews in this wonderful community and blessed country. Thank you, God, for Your many blessings and that I did not drop the etrog.

Rabbi Matthew J. Eisenberg
Temple Israel Ner Tamid (Reform)


Rabbi Matthew Eisenberg (l) and his father
Rabbi Frederick Eisenberg (r) are one of
the nation's few father-son rabbi teams.

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