How to participate in this Glenville Virtual Memory project

Think of these pages as a "virtual" meeting about the Glenville of years ago and a way you can share your pictures and stories about "the old neighborhood". That is the spirit in which I have started this Glenville section of

Although there are web technologies that allow direct contributions of text and images   blogs, photo albums, even a Wikipedia open encyclopedia as only a small number of submissions are expected, we will start simply. I will create web pages with your images and text. For an example of my "style", click here.

What to send? Some family photos are welcome, particularly if they show the interior of homes and give a glimpse of family life. However pictures of community events and well known persons or places will have the widest appeal to visitors.

Keep your entries small and focused. If you want to send more than a few images and a page or so of text, let's discuss your contribution first.

Remember that submitting text and images means that you (or the person who owns them) give me permission to publish them on this non-profit website. And please understand that this is a volunteer effort and I may not be able to publish every picture or story submitted.

Thanks for sharing.

Arnold Berger    editor and webkeeper        216 751-1995  or email me at
Arnie AT ClevelandJewishHistory DOT net

Some specifics:

Do not send hard copy of your text or original photographs.
Nothing will be returned. Only emails and documents and images attached to emails can be accepted. If you can't do this, find a friend or relative to help you.

Be sure your name and phone number are in your email.
If are are submitting material for someone else, include their name and phone number.
I will reply to every email, usually the same day or the next day.

Must be in .jpg format, at least 50 Kb each, created by scanning your old pictures.
Do not zip your images. It saves no space (jpgs are already compressed) and adds work.
Your email should include a caption, hopefully a long one, for each attached image.
Say who owns these pictures, so I can give credit.

Text that relates to images is preferred, though some text-only entries may be used.
Type your text in the body of your email or attach a document that includes your name.