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Index to Cleveland Jews appearing in Who’s Who books
by Paul Klein

Professional genealogist Paul Klein developed this eight page list of Cleveland Jews who have entries in Who's Who and other books publishing biographies. You'll find information on nearly 800 Jewish men and women. The list notes which entries have photos. These photos were often furnished by the subject and may be the best quality image of them to be found online.

The index draws from 23 sources published from 1898 through 1996. They range from the curated Encyclopedia of Cleveland History to collections of glowing bloviated biographies (hoping the subjects would be inclined to buy many copies of the book) that included captains of commerce and industry, as well as clergymen, judges, lawyers, physicians, owners of small companies, insurance men and more.

In 2001 a similar list by Paul Klein appeared in The Kol (The Voice), the newsletter of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Cleveland.

Using the index

You may need to visit a large library for some publications, but a growing number are on-line and searchable. In addition to your favorite search engine, Google book search ( is recommended.

Consider first accessing the online publication and then using its search feature. Some web-based publications have an alphabetic index at the end, each name having a link to its page.

To read the index, click here.    (Adobe Reader required.)



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