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Jeffrey Morris synagogue history collection  

A treasure for anyone interested in Cleveland's old synagogues

In February 2009 Dr Sean Martin, Curator of the Jewish Archives at the Western Reserve Historical Society, called together persons he knew were working on Cleveland Jewish history projects to inform each other about their research. Jeffrey Morris was there. After the meeting Nate Arnold, who conducts tours of old Jewish Cleveland, and I looked at some of his material. It was the best documentation on Cleveland's old synagogues we had seen.

An executive in a Jewish agency, Jeffrey has made this project a long-time avocation. Last year he began to publish some of his work on the web. When I would ask "Can I link to it now?" he would reply "Some day, but not yet." Even though it is still a work in progress (as is this website) he has just said "Yes".

Jeffrey Morris is an extraordinary fact finder. He collects and organizes hard information: old photos, maps, deeds, incorporation and name change documents, newspaper clippings and more. His web pages and pdf files include hundreds of documents and images. He has assembled a treasure for anyone interested in our old "shuls" as they were born, grew, changed. moved, split and merged over the years.

To visit his Jewish Cleveland: the Haymarket to the Heights website. click on this link: Jeffrey Morris old Cleveland synagogues.

Arnold Berger  September 15, 2013

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