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  B'nai  Jeshurun Congregation History Timeline


1866 - 2006   140 Years   by Robin Rood

In 2016 B'nai Jeshurun (Children of Israel), Cleveland's third oldest congregation, celebrates its 150th anniversary. The  four banners that portray its history extend 40 feet.

To view images of the banners click on "continue' above, scroll horizontally, then click "continue" or click on the image to see the next image. To see one panel, click on its thumbnail below.

Banner 1 to 1920

Banner 2  1920 to 1966

Banner 3   1966 to 1996

Banner 4  1996 to 2006

Webkeeper's note:

Thanks to Robin Rood, Laurie Davis and other B'nai Jeshurun members who in 2006 developed the four Timeline banners that show memorable points in their congregation's 140 year history. We display images of the four panels. October 2016

In September 2017 B'nai Jeshurun created a timeline of its 150 year history. We have added it to these pages, but the above 140 year timeline remains.

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