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Shaker Heights Old Synagogues


In the postwar period the Jewish residents of Mount Pleasant and Kinsman, once about 20 percent of Cleveland's Jewish population, were moving east on Kinsman Road in Cleveland, then to Kinsman in Shaker Heights. Two small Orthodox synagogues were formed in Shaker Heights.


Beth El Temple
Founded 1950, building 1954   Modern Orthodox
Rabbi David Genuth. 15808 Chagrin Road, near the border of Cleveland, First synagogue in Shaker Heights. Sold in 1998 to a credit union. Merged with Heights Synagogue creating Beth El - the Heights Synagogue which bought Sinai Synagogue's building in Cleveland Heights in 2003.

Shaker Lee Synagogue
3688 Lee Road in Shaker Heights
Orthodox. Formed by the 1959 merger of Ohel Jacob (then on East 140th in Mount Pleasant) and Ohel Yavne congregations. Rabbi Isaac Krislov. In 1962 joined by Tifereth Israel (Orthodox).
Building dedicated in 1961. Sold in 1970. In 1972 merged with Warrensville Center Synagogue.
Now owned by Chapel of Hope Christian Fellowship.

he building at 3688 ee Road has a remarkable story, described in detail by this essay by Richard Raponi in CSU's website Cleveland Historical. read the essay


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