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The Klausner Family Epilogue

This ends our story of Sam and Minnie Klausner and their descendants.
Of course the actual story is ongoing. A small example: while we were creating these pages we learned of another baby born to a great-grandchild of Sam and Minnie.

Thanks again ...
to the family members who furnished photos, facts and memories for these pages. They include Ruth Abelson, Bea Gray, Dr. David Klausner, Lisa Klausner, Fred and Judy Klotzman, Kerry Klotzman, Dr. Eugene Meieran and Carole Schonberg.

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And remember ...
At your next family simcha, stand up and give thanks to your own "Sam and Minnie", your ancestors who had the good sense and the courage to come to this country to make a better life for themselves and their children for you and yours.

Arnold Berger   January 2009


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