Klausner Family Tree

Dr. Eugene S. Meieran, a grandson of Minnie Klausner's oldest son Beryl Linetzky, has created a document that lists the more than 400 descendants (including spouses) of Sam and Minnie Klausner. An Excel spreadsheet, with information through December 15, 2008, his list goes beyond being a family tree. It also includes contact information that should not be publicly available.

Family members can contact Gene at Gene.Meieran [at] att.net to get an email copy of the full information or the tree itself. Or send him $40 and he will mail you a wall-hanging version of the tree. Gene also asks family members who want to offer corrections to the information to email him.

We link to an Adobe Reader® (pdf) document that is a simplified version of the information, without the columns for birth date, date of death, or contact information other than city and state. To view this simplified list and see how this family has grown and moved throughout the United States and to other countries, click here.

For the free Adobe Reader software, click here.

Klausner Family Summary:
The six generations of Sam and Minnie Klausner and Aaron Linetzky

Dr Eugene S Meieran, a Generation 3 family member (great-grandchild) has prepared this family summary as of August 2008.

Generation Blood Alive Deceased Married Divorced  Total
0 3 0 3 3 0 6
1 9 0 9 10 0 19
2 27 15 12 32 6 59
3 82 76 6 83 25 165
4 77 77 0 21 0 98
5 59 59 0 0 0 59
6 22 22 0 0 0 22
Totals 279 249 30 149 31 428

He notes that while it seems that the peak of family members is in Generation 3, this is simply a reflection of the marrying age. We do expect the following generations to grow through marriages and births.


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