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A Klausner Family Scrapbook

Harry Klausner in his high school ROTC uniform - about 1917

Rose Klausner and Morry Kreisman, married October, 1930

Ben Klausner's 50th birthday party - 1942
couples l-r  Harry and Pearl Klausner, Abe and Bess Klausner,
Morry and Rose Kreisman, Jake and Katie Klausner, Ben and Dora Klausner

The Twin Wedding - June 1948
(l-r) Penny Klausner Friedman and Ruth Klausner Abelson
daughters of Ben and Dora Klausner

First Cousins at Bea Gray's 80-something birthday in June 2008
l-r Terry Turner (daughter of Harry Klausner), Bea Gray (daughter of Nathan Klausner)
 and Carole Schonberg (daughter of Rose Klausner)

Abe Klausner Family   July 26, 2008 in Chicago at the Bar Mitzvah
of Sam's Great-Great-Grandson (GGGS) Justin Schrimmer
(l-r) Andy Klausner (Sam's GGS). Jeremy Cooper (Andy's Spouse), Karen Fields (David's Spouse), David Klausner (Sam's Grandson), Justin Schrimmer (Sam's GGGS), Karen (Klausner) Schrimmer (Sam's GGD), Ken Klausner (Sam's GGS), Julie Klausner (Ken's Spouse), Peter & Kate Klausner (Ken's son & daughter-Sam's GGGC).
Back Row: Alec Schrimmer and Kevin Schrimmer (Sam's GGGS & Karen's Spouse.
Not in picture: Zak Klausner (Andy's son and Sam's GGGS).

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