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This page was written in 2010 when our Cleveland Jewish Federation changed its name, updated in 2011 when its new logos were  introduced, then updated again in October 2017 to note the improved logo.

In 1932 the National Council of Jewish Federations and Welfare Funds was formed. By 1979 it had become the Council of Jewish Federations.

In 1999, the CJF merged with the United Jewish Appeal to become the United Jewish Communities.

In October 2009 United Jewish Communities changed its name to The Jewish Federations of North America. As part of its "rebranding" campaign it adopted a new logo, shown below. The nearly uniform look of Federation websites across North America suggests that the redesign was done centrally, not by local Federations.



Soon most North American Jewish Federations began to change their identity in support of this national "rebranding" objective.

In April 2010 our Cleveland Federation changed its name from "Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland" to "Jewish Federation of Cleveland."

Letters in the Cleveland Jewish News, noted that the word "community" came from the Jewish Community Council that in 1951 merged with The Jewish Welfare Fund to create The Jewish Community Federation.

In May 2010 Federation introduced a new logo. (below). Notat OF CLEVELAND starts under the "d" of Federation


The words OF CLEVELAND shrink

Then a smaller version of Federation's new logo was created for web use. It reduced the size and weight of the words "OF CLEVELAND" to a point where they were unreadable by your editor's old eyes. We look forward to a more readable logo soon.  (written in 2011)

OF CLEVELAND now unreadable
logo shown actual size


The 2016 Design Change

On September 29, 2016 a revised logo was introduced, with OF CLEVELAND twice the size shown above and much easier to read. It now starts under the "h" in Jewish, not under the "r" of Federation. We are glad that our Federation has moved to a better logo design.  Arnold Berger  October 24, 2017

The logos compared: in late September 2016 the upper logo replaced the lower logo.  The OF Cleveland may appear large, but when the logo is used about half this size in an email or on a web page it is still easily read.

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Thanks to Sean Benjamin, Digital Marketing Manager of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland, for his assistance.