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Webkeeper's introduction

In 2010 what had been known as the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland since 1952 changed its name to the Jewish Federation of Cleveland. To show that it had made other name changes in its more than a century of service, the Federation website added a page "History of the Federation logo".

In early 2015 all the History pages on Federation's website were removed. Fortunately we had saved a copy of that page in 2010. We show it, adding the notes and links in the right column.

A Berger



The Federation of the Jewish Charities of Cleveland


Jewish Welfare Federation

Name changed.
The origin of this relief showing a group of men and a map of the American continent is not known.


A new name: The Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland

In 1951 The Jewish Welfare Federation and the Jewish Community Council, composed of more than 100 Jewish organizations, including synagogues. merge.

Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland
A new logo, announced in September 1965 in conjunction with the opening of the new building at 1750 Euclid Avenue. Adds Hebrew "Tzedakah".

Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland
Logo simplified, Name reduced in importance.

Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland
New logo with flame and Magen David.
For the first time "of Cleveland" is made smaller.

Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland
Logo revised to commemorate Federation's 100th anniversary.

2010 to September 29, 2016
New name: Jewish Federation of Cleveland

The name now omits "Community". The logo has been redesigned as part of a national rebranding effort which also reduced the size of city names. Not shown is a later version that made OF CLEVELAND about a third smaller.

Learn more about Federation's new logo.


Introduced September 29, 2016

"OF CLEVELAND" now much larger and darker. In our view it now looks much more like an independent local agency - which it is. For more on this change, click here.