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Starting in the Spring of 2008 there was an open discussion - we call it here a debate, for two opposing views soon emerged - about where "Federation" (its name then was the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland) should be located. Should it stay in downtown Cleveland, where it had been since its founding in 1903, or should it move east to Beachwood, near the center of Greater Cleveland's Jewish population?

These pages were published in July 2008 to bring some historical perspective to that discussion. Them in September 2010 a page was added with a chronology of the events leading to the move from downtown to Beachwood.

Since Federation was founded in 1903, our community leaders have made ten decisions about its location.


Federation's Service Area
This map from the Federation-commissioned population study
Jewish Cleveland 2004  shows Federation's seven-county
service area and the density of the Jewish population.

For the full population study, click here.  [pdf  700 Kb]

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