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Banquet Given in Honor of Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver by the Jewish Farmers of Geneva Ohio   Labor Day September 3, 1928
By H. Koss   Photo courtesy of the Western Reserve Historical Society.
To help find a person use the numbers 10, 20 etc below the photo and the number after their name in the list below.


Why try to identify who is in this photograph?

Group photos, even recent ones of only ten persons, rarely name who is in them. Then why this effort to do that in this almost 90 year old picture of about 250 men, women and children?

Our hope is that when descendants of those in this historic image do family research -- Googling Grandpa or Grandma -- they will find this page. That's why we display the names below in a way that search engines will index well. Each name is followed by a number which shows its horizontal position, on a scale of 1 to 100. The scale 10, 20, etc can be seen below the image. A few names are followed by a question mark to show that we are not sure. Where first names are missing we will try to find them by searching census data and death notices.

Not everyone at this picnic was in a farming family. The heads of many families worked off the farm. Some in the photo may have moved away but returned for this event as a way to support their community or to see old friends again.

Thanks to our team of identifiers, children of Geneva farm families: Judith Orkin Rosenthal, Lil Silverman Milder and Sanford (Sam) Silverman z"l. For a photo of them at work, click here.

Additions and corrections are welcome. Contact us.

Arnold Berger  webkeeper  March 19, 2017


To help find a person use the the number after their name in the list below and the numbers 10, 20 etc below the photograph.

Morris Brody 12 Mrs. Morris Brody 10 Howard Brody 64

Toba Cohen 72 Jacob Cohen 74

Lillian Cohodas 58

Meyer Flock 33  Slova Flock 35  Molly Flock 77     more on the Flocks

Alice Golomb 87  Mooky Golomb 75  Joseph Golomb 5  Rose Golomb 7

Mr. Henningman 28   Mrs. Henningman 31

Goldie Klein  54

Mrs. Kline 45 Vivian Kline 35

Mr. Kroner 41 Mrs. Kroner 38

Bill Orkin ? 68   Louis Orkin 48   Dorr Orkin ? 48

Stel Orkin 88   Dellis Orkin 89

Pollock 25   Mrs. Pollock 22   Max Pollock 28

Mr. Sandler 68   Mrs. Sandler 70   Ethel Sandler 83

Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver 47

Augusta Silverman 62   Ben Silverman 42   Dave Silverman, 76

Iris Silverman, 74   Lillian Silverman 82   Otto Silverman ? 75

Selma Silverman (on father Benís shoulder) 43  Sanford Silverman 18

Sid Silverman 23

Jimmy Sopher 63

Wymor, young woman 84

Mr. Wymore 52     Mrs. Wymore 53    Lucille Wymore 50





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