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Cleveland Jewish women and the changing role of women
in Jewish life and the larger community.
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Editor: Gail Greenberg

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As we commemorate this historic centennial milestone marking the passage of the 19th Amendment, it seems both timely and fitting that we take this opportunity to inaugurate a page that profiles Cleveland’s Jewish women and the changing roles of women in Jewish life. Throughout generations, their concerted and devoted efforts in a myriad of endeavors have changed the landscape of Jewish and community life – locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Their stories resonate with unique talent, faith, determination, resilience, and devotion.

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(in publication date order)
Rabbi Sally Jane Priesand (b. 1972)
Ordained as America's First Woman Rabbi
Lt. Col. Rae D. Landy (1885 - 1952)
Nursing Pioneer
Rebecca Aronson Brickner (1894 - 1988)
Jewish Educator and Community Leader
Dorothy Snell Fuldheim (1893 - 1989)
Journalist and Broadcasting Pioneer
Dr. Leatrice Bergida Rabinsky (1923 - 2018)
Holocaust Education Pioneer

As of 1/04/2021

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