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Essays in honor of Abba Hillel Silver
on the occasion of his 70th birthday

Editor Daniel Jeremy Silver
Board of Editors
• Solomon B. Freehof
• Emanuel Neumann
• Daniel Jeremy Silver
• Solomon Zeitlin

Published by MacMillan

In January 1963, Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver's 70th birthday, a collection of essays in his honor was published. A magnificent tribute, the 460 page book, in its slipcover, was a Festschrift, an edited volume containing contributions from the honoree's colleagues and friends.

A project of The Temple's Jubilee Committee, celebrating their beloved rabbi's 45 years of service. Less than a year later his congregation would mourn his death.


David Ben Gurion — Prime Minister, The State of Israel
Izhak Ben-Zvi — President, The State of Israel
Moshe Davis — Provost, The Jewish Theological Seminary of America
Abba Eban — President, The Weizmann Institute of Science
Morton Scott Enslin — Professor of Biblical Languages and Literature, St. Lawrence University
Walter J. Fischel — Professor of Semitic Languages and Literature, University of California
Solomon B. Freehof — Rabbi, Rodef Shalom Temple, Pittsburgh
Nelson Glueck — President, The Hebrew Union College
Robert Gordis — Rabbi, Seminary Professor of Bible, Jewish Theological Seminary of America
Miriam Leikind — Librarian, The Temple, Cleveland
Walter Clay Lowdermilk — Sometime Professor of Agricultural Engineering, The Technion
Harold P. Manson — Executive, American Friends of the Hebrew University
Jacob Rader Marcus — Adolph S. Ochs Professor of Jewish History, The Hebrew Union College
Benjamin Mazar — President Emeritus, The Hebrew University
Emanuel Neumann — Chairman, American Branch, Inc., Jewish Agency for Israel
Harry M. Orlinsky — Professor of Bible, The Hebrew Union College
Raphael Patai — Director of Research, The Theodor Herzl Institute
Oskar K. Rabinowicz — Banker and Author
Ellis Rivkin — Professor of Jewish History, The Hebrew Union College
Samuel Sandmel — Professor of Bible and Hellenistic Literature, The Hebrew Union College
Gershom Scholem — Professor of Jewish Mysticism, The Hebrew University
Moshe Sharett — Chairman, Jewish Agency for Israel
Zalman Shazar — Head, Department of Education and Culture in the Diaspora, The Jewish Agency
Daniel Jeremy Silver — Rabbi, The Temple, Cleveland
Naphtali Herz Tur-Sinai — Bialik Professor of Hebrew Philosophy, Emeritus, The Hebrew University
Solomon Zeitlin — Horace Stern Professor of Rabbinic Law and Lore, The Dropsie College


  • Introduction vii

  • Abba Hillel Silver — An Appreciation Harold P. Manson 1

  • Gleanings of an Abundant Harvest Edited by Daniel Jeremy Silver 28

  • Bibliography Edited by Miriam Leikind 99

  • The Ingathering of the Exiles and an Exemplary Nation David Ben-Gurion 121

  • The Levites Among Arabian Tribes Izhak Ben-Zvi 129

  • "A Highway of Nations" Moshe Davis 136
    (A Chapter in Nineteenth Century America-Eretz Yisrael Activities)

  • Israel in the World of Ideas Abba Eban 146

  • Paul — What Manner of Jew? Morton S. Enslin 153

  • A Hitherto Unknown Jewish Traveler to India Walter J. Fischel 170 The Travels of Rabbi David D'Beth Hillel to India

  • The Chuppah Solomon B. Freehof 186

  • Biblical Archaeology and Reform Judaism Nelson Glueck 194

  • Religion and the Free Society Robert Gordis 200

  • Israel — A Pilot Project for Total Development of Water Resources Walter Clay Lowdermilk 215

  • The Oldest Known Synagogue Record Book of Continental North America 1720-1721 Jacob R. Marcus 227

  • David's Reign in Hebron and the Conquest of Jerusalem Benjamin Mazar  235

  • Israel and the Diaspora Emanuel Neumann 245

  • On Toynbee's Use of the Term Syriac for One of His Societies Harry M. Orlinsky 255

  • American Cultural Influence on Israel  Raphael Patai 270

  • A Jewish State in Midian—The English Sources on Paul Friedmann's Scheme of 1891-2 Oskar K. Rabinowicz 284

  • Ben Sira and the Nonexistence of the Synagogue A Study in Historical Method Ellis Rivkin 320

  • "Son of Man" Samuel Sandmel 355

  • "The Sprouting of the Horn of the Son of David," A New Source from the Beginnings of the Doenme Sect in Salonica Gershom Scholem 368

  • The Future of the Zionist Movement Moshe Sharett 387

  • The Idea of Redemption in Hassidic Thought Zalman Shazar 401

  • Monarchy Daniel Jeremy Silver 421

  • On Some Obscure Passages in the Book of Psalms I-XXXV Naphtali H. Tur-Sinai 433

  • The Origin of the Idea of the Messiah  Solomon Zweitlin 447

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