1916 age 23 1927  age 34 1934 age 41 1942 age 49 1962 age 69

 Photo credits:

   1916 - found in the archives of Temple Shalom, Wheeling WV, his first pulpit.
   1927 - from a photo with Chaim Weizmann at the Hebrew Cultural Garden. see full picture
   1934 - courtesy of The Temple - Tifereth Israel
   1942 - Probably in London at a Zionist meeting, from
   1962 - photo by Yousof Karsh, courtesy of The Temple-Tifereth Israel
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What inspired the design of The Temple in University Circle?
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When Abba Hillel Silver came to Cleveland in 1917, The Temple was on East 55th Street. Its new home at University Circle, completed in 1924, was his vision. It was there that he preached for nearly 40 years. After the move to Beachwood by the Jewish Federation of Cleveland (learn more ...) it is now the last major Jewish facility in the City of Cleveland. (We also note the West Temple on the west side.)

In March 2010 it was announced that the building would begin a new dual life as the Maltz Performing Arts Center at Case Western Reserve University, while remaining sacred space for the members of The Temple - Tifereth Israel.  Learn more.


This is the only website whose focus is the life of Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver. He is gone more than 50 years now, yet somehow he is still my rabbi.

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