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How we present information   (bold used here for emphasis)

AHS will sometimes be used in place of "Abba Hillel Silver."

An entry such as Raphael (110) refers to Marc Lee Raphael's biography of AHS, in this example to page 110.

We show extended quotations in a text box. See below:

Extended quotations from elsewhere are displayed like this - using Arial font in blue and in a line with larger left and right margins.

Like some books, this site has an Endnotes sections where extended comments or notes are available. Where we have an extended comment or note the page will say: "See endnote on endnote name." Clicking on the endnote name will display the note on the Endnote page. 

Endnote: note name
Our own notes and comments are displayed using Arial font and in a line with larger left and right margins.   back

Click on "back" to return to the place you were before coming to the endnote.

Generally the first time a name appears with a brief description of the person the name is in bold.

Links to other sites

We use some special terms when describing links. They include:

  • broken — We know this link does not work and hope to restore it

  • registration — The other site will ask you to register before proceeding

  • cookies — your browser and firewall must allow cookies for this site

  • fee — The other site will ask you to pay before proceeding

  • pdf —Your computer will try to read a .pdf (Portable Document Format) file. It must have the free Acrobat Reader software installed.

If our link doesn't work (generally you'll see a 'page not found' message) and we have not noted it as 'broken', please contact us.

We open pages we link to in a new window of your browser. When you have finished viewing that site, don't click Back to return to our page. Just close the window by clicking on the in the upper right corner of the screen.

If you have any problems on the other web site, inform its webmaster - not us.

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