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Oh God full of compassion


In memory of Abba Hillel Silver

El Maley Rachamim

El maley rachamim shochen bamiromim,
Hamtzey menucha nechona tachas kanfey hashechina,
B' maalos kedoshim ut' horim kezohar harakeea
mazhirim es nishma (name).

Shehalach l'olamo
Ba'voor shenadvoo tzedaka b'ad
hazkaras nishmaso
b' gan eden t' hay m' noochaso
lachen baal harachamim
yastirayhoo b'seser kna fav l'olamim
v'ytzror bitzror hachayim es nishmaso
Adonoy hoo nachalaso, v'yanooach
b'shalom al mishkavo, v'nomar ah'main.
Shehalacha l'olama
Ba'voor shenadvoo tzedaka b'ad
hazkaras nishmasa
b' gan eden t' hay m' noochasa
lachen baal harachamim
yastirah b'seser k'nofaf l'olamim
v'ytzror bitzror hachayim es nishmasa
Adonoy hoo nachalasa, v'sanuach
b'shalom al mishkava, v'nornar ah'main.

O, God, full of compassion. Thou who dwellest on high, grant perfect rest beneath the shelter of Thy divine presence among the holy and pure who shine as the brightness of the firmament to the soul of my beloved who has gone to his (her) eternal home.

Mayest Thou, O God of Mercy, shelter him (her) forever under the wings of Thy presence, May his (her) soul be bound up in the bond of life eternal, and grant that the memories of my life inspire me always to noble and consecrated living. Amen.

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