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Leaving for Europe (ca 1933)
Abba Hillel Silver and wife Virginia
Raphael (l) and Daniel Jeremy (r)


The Silver family at a social event  1945
Daniel (17), Abba Hillel, Virginia and Raphael (15)
photo Alexander Archer

The Tasty Shop in 1955
This delicatessen, on Euclid Avenue near East 105th Street, just two blocks from The Temple, was a place Abba Hillel Silver would enjoy with old friends who might exchange Yiddish jokes with him.  From Cleveland Memory


The Silver family home in Shaker Heights
On Shaker Boulevard, west of Warrensville Center Road. Each year, on the afternoon of Rosh Hashana the entire congregation would be invited here, welcomed in the house and entertained in the large backyard. Mina Kulber, who attended these gatherings for more than 20 years, says that it never rained on these days. photo A Berger

Abba Hillel and Virginia Silver at home   1954
Cleveland Press photo

Abba Hillel and Daniel Jeremy Silver - 1959

My favorite picture of the Rabbis Silver.  CJN archive

His office. The Temple - Tifereth Israel on Shaker Boulevard has set up this room with the desk, chairs and many objects that were in his office at University Circle, plus a few objects that were not, such as the portrait and lectern. photo A Berger

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