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Involvement in the Soviet Jewry Movement by Louis Rosenblum


Currently, I am working on a more extensive chronicle of my Soviet Jewry involvement that, in addition to enlarging on the material covered in this memoir, will include chapters on the following topics:

The elephant in the room: the Government of Israel and its agents
Colleagues and friends
Genesis and growth of the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews
Links with Soviet Jewish activists
Support for Prisoners of Conscience
National Conference on Soviet Jewry
Challenging a deceptive claim by the 1972 UJA drive
Pepsi boycott
Lead-up to and support for Jackson-Vanik
Adopt-a-Family project
Efficacy of Jackson-Vanik
Looking back

The major documentary sources used in composing this memoir are available to researchers at the Jewish Archives of the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland, Ohio. For the convenience of researchers I have made more information on these sources available on these pages. Click here.

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