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Involvement in the Soviet Jewry Movement by Louis Rosenblum
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Preface, From These Beginnings
First Contact with the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland
Launching of the Cleveland Committee on Soviet Anti-Semitism (CCSA)

On the National Scene
An American Jewish Conference on Soviet Jewry

Transforming the Cleveland Committee on Soviet Anti-Semitism
Face-to-Face with Visiting Soviet Cultural Groups

Agreement Between the JCFC and the CCSA
CCSA Projects
     Spotlight Newsletter
    Handbook for Community Action
    Students and Housewives 
    Protest Seals (Protest Stamps)
     Movie - "Before Our Eyes"
    Leadership Conferences
 Greeting Cards to Soviet Jews
Freedom Caravan
    Project Sefer
Union of Councils for Soviet Jews
Political Action

The Government of Israel The Elephant in the Room 
    The Office Finds Us
    Blush Off the Rose
    Enforcer or Loose Cannon?
    Office Overtures: Played Dolce
    Office Control Crumbles
    The Why and Wherefore and the Woe
    In Contrast: An American Strategy
    Abe Silverstein
    Louis Rosenblum
    Ann Shenkar
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