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Involvement in the Soviet Jewry Movement — by Louis Rosenblum
Projects: Leadership Conferences

Projects: Leadership Conferences

As part of an effort to develop local leadership we cosponsored with the JCFC two training conferences. The first was held in August 1966. As major speaker, we brought in Dr. David Weiss, an immunologist from Berkeley, California, who had recently visited the Soviet Union and written a perceptive account of Jewish life in the USSR, published in Dissent magazine. His talk was followed by workshops, conducted by members of the CCSA, on specific types of action appropriate for local and individual initiative. Fifty people attended, mainly from the Cleveland area.

In February 1970, we held a two-day Midwest Regional Conference on Soviet Jewry, with the AJCSJ as a third co-sponsor.

Our two speakers were Dr. Maurice Friedberg, Professor of Slavic Languages at Indiana University and Zev Yaroslavsky from Los Angeles. Zev, a college student, had recently visited the Soviet Union. The Conference concluded with four workshops: on CCSA’s projects, by Herb Caron; on mass participation projects, by Don Bogart; on youth organization, by Zev Yaroslavsky; and on tourist briefing and political action, by me. The Conference attracted 75 participants from Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio.


Zev Yaroslavsky

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