Cleveland Synagogues
1846 - The dedication of Anshe Chesed's Eagle Street Synagogue

The wonderfully detailed description of the Eagle Street Synagogue dedication service that appeared in the Plain Dealer of Friday June 7, 1846 gives us a view of the service that would otherwise be lost.

Generally at services the prayers would be recited in Hebrew with the German, the daily language of Cleveland's early Jews, used for any announcements, readings and the sermon. We don't know if these services, which was open to all, with a notice placed in the Plain Dealer and possible some of the city's three other papers, were an exception, recited and sung in English. Or had an English translation been prepared for reporters and other non-congregants. Either variation from the usual format would reflect the congregation's desire to have its services understood by the community - the goyim.

The last paragraph show that while there was respect for the People of the Book with their Oriental (Eastern) customs, Jews were also seen as incomplete (or in this instance "deluded") citizens.

To read this on the Plain Dealer's web archive, click here.

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