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Our Home pages over the years


We started in the summer of 1998 with one web page: Abba Hillel Silver - An Internet Tour : Annotated Links to Selected Sites.

This was a time of dial up access with 56 Kb modems. AOL was the largest internet service provider; Windows '98 was the OS and Netscape was the browser. For searches  Lycos and Excite, for our HTML pages, Netscape Composer.

Then a search on "abba hillel silver" would find about 200 pages. Now such a search will find more than 40,000 pages. To see for yourself, click here.

We show our first page, below.


By 2006 many pages were outside of the life and work of Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver. In January 2007 there was a new Home page and a domain name:

Our Home page would soon feature our first contributed section: the 30+ page memoir by Dr Louis Rosenblum z"l on the movement to free Soviet Jewry.


This was our Home page style for the years 2010 to mid-2014.

New sections included Confirmations by Bud Weidenthal, Herb Ascherman's Rabbis, family pictures from Bill Joseph, Sam and Minnie Klausner from Tetiev, pages on Rev. Tzvi Hirsch Masliansky, Cemeteries, Nate Arnold's Virtual Tour and Rabbi Israel Porath.


In mid-2014 we expanded our Home page and started our Photo Gallery.

Our oldest web page  -  July 28, 1998

Around 2000 I copied our first pages into a "save" folder, and forgot about them. I found them in October 2014. The oldest page, dated July 28, 1998, is shown below, as an image because all its links are broken.