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Nate Arnold   Virtual Tour of Old Jewish Cleveland
Herbert Ascherman   Cleveland Area Rabbis: a photo essay
Herbert Caron PhD   The start of the campaign for Soviet Jewry
Rachel Davidson   Resettlement of Russian-Speaking Jews
Louis Gordon   owner, last Jewish-owned business in Glenville
Gail Greenberg   Building The Temple in University Circle
Morison Avenue Bath House and Mikveh
Max Kalish - renowned sculptor
Fashioning Cleveland's Union-Made Clothing
Max Rosenblum
Play Ball, Alta Weiss !
Siegel, Shuster and superman

Warner Brothers
Fred Klotzman,
Carole Schonberg
and the Klausner family
  The grand and great-grand children of Sam and Minnie Klausner, especially Fred Klotzman and Carole Schonberg. See list
Paul Klein   Index to Cleveland Jews in Who’s Who books
Stanley Lasky PhD   Jewish Cleveland before the Civil War
Alan Levenson PhD   Brith Emeth and Rabbi Philip Horowitz
Fred Livingstone   Tetiev (Ukraine) Today
Sean Martin PhD   A Stitch in Time: the Cleveland garment industry
Soviet Jews Oral Histories
Jeffrey Morris   Cleveland Synagogues
Memoir of Leon Wiesenfeld
Zviah Nardi Editor, Zvi Hirsch Masliansky memoirs and biography
Allan Peskin PhD Author This Tempting Freedom
Gary Polster PhD   The Jewish Orphan Asylum
Yehudit Spero,
Paul Porath,
Rabbi Jonathan Porath.
Laura Steinberg, Hannah Porath
Rabbi Shubert Spero
  Members oT the family of the great rabbi who provided the text and images for our Rabbi Israel Porath pages 
Robin Rood   B'nai Jeshurun timelines: 140 and 150 years
Mitchell Rose   Workmen's Cicrcle Photos
Daniel Rosenblum   Interviews of Louis Rosenblum
Louis Rosenblum PhD   Cleveland's Role in the Soviet Jewry Movement
Judith O. Rosenthal
Lil Silverman Milder
Sanford S Silverman
  Geneva Jewish Farmers
Jane Rothstein   Edith Anisfield Wolf and much more
Nancy F Schwartz   Jewish Cleveland before the Civil War
Irv Seidman PhD   Going to the Schvitz in Kinsman-Mt Pleasant 1945
Kindra and Marc Shecter   The Jewish cemetery in Unsleben, Bavaria
Michele Seligmann   Adopted grandchildren of Esther and Leon Wiesenfeld
Linda Silverman Shefler   Aaron J Marx - Cleveland's First Jewish Policeman
Cynthia Spikell   Adopted grandchildren of Esther and Leon Wiesenfeld
Susan Saltzman
Bud Weidenthal
  Confirmations in Cleveland
Marshall Weinberg   The Tannersville Picture
Rabbi Ari Wolf   Text of his invocation to the Republican convention
Rabbi Gary Zola PhD   Zvi Hirsch Masliansky and Abba Hillel Silver


Pat Corrigan   Manager, United Jewish Cemeteries 
Abba Hillel Silver gravesite, Moses Alsbacher Grave
Dennis Lehman
Bob DiBiasio
  Cleveland Indians executives who helped in the research for In Pursuit of the Plaque
Josh Teplow Director of Graphics, Zionist Organization of America


We have often linked to two history websites for more information, and at times they have linked to our pages:
 ● The Jewish Virtual Library, editor Mitchell Bard PhD, and
 ● The Encyclopedia of Cleveland History, editor John Grabowski PhD.

The Cleveland Jewish News has several times reported on our work. We use its Archives, which went online in 2010, almost daily. Thanks to former editors  Michael Bennett and Cynthia Dettelbach and current Managing Editor Bob Jacob, and present and former staff members including Jennifer Daddario, Arlene Fine, Lila Hanft, Marilyn Karfeld, Margi Herwald Zitelli, plus consultants/columnists Susan Rzepka and Violet Spevack.

Until its sad closing in August 2014 the Aaron Garber Library was very helpful. Thanks to Jean Lettofsky and Ilka Gordon.

We often benefit from the resources at the Jewish Archives at the Western Reserve Historical Society and the help and encouragement of Sean Martin PhD, Associate Curator for Jewish History, Ann Sindelar, the Reference Supervisor and Vicki Catozza and others at the reference desk. The archives would not be there without the vision of the late Judah Rubenstein and the financial support of the Gries and Rather families.

John Grabowski PhD of CWRU and WRHS has been helpful in ways direct and indirect - the indirect help being the Encyclopedia of Cleveland History that he helped create years ago. It was a pioneering web history project and a much-used resource.

Nate Arnold and Jeffrey Morris are today's most knowledgeable and helpful lay historians of the Cleveland Jewish experience. They are my "go to" guys for questions and feedback. Some of our conversations are classic. A recent example: I asked about the site of an old shul. Jeff told me when the deed had been recorded. Nate then added "The land had been owned by the president's brother-in-law."

Bill Barrow, CSU's Special Collections Librarian, has been helpful in answering questions, growing the Cleveland Memory Project, bringing together web historians to share ideas, web publishing Alan Peskin's "This Tempting Freedom" and the Jeffrey Morris treasure "Haymarket to the Heights."

Mike Baron, who loves history. Through his volunteer efforts leading Teaching Cleveland he does so much to bring history to students, school teachers and the public. As a friend and colleague, he gives me encouragement, helpful criticism and insight.

Myra Shays, my twin sister, who has always been available for the final editing of pages. She can spot an extra comma or misused word all the way from Providence, RI.

as of 1/04/2023