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Jewish History Links
  Cleveland Jewish History Resources
    (includes "This Tempting Freedom" by Allan Peskin)
         ● Cleveland (2006 Encyclopaedia Judaica)
       ● Jeffrey Morris synagogue history collection
         ● Paul Klein's index of Jewish biographies 
         ● The Jewish Society Books 1915-25    
 ● The 1924-25 Blue Book   
Cleveland Jewish History Sources  new
  the 16,000 index cards

Virtual History of Cleveland Jewish Organizations
American Jewish History Resources
  Virtual Treasures
  Trefa Dinner menu
  A 1920 directory of Jewish Cleveland
  The Cleveland Jewish News Digital Archive
  A Stitch in Time: the Cleveland garment industry

General History Links
  Other Cleveland History Websites
  Virtual History of Cleveland Cultural Organizations

Synagogues main page

Old still-standing Synagogues

Leonard Case's great gift to Cleveland's Jews
  CJN Clipping
  Deed to Israelitic Society

Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple
  Eagle Street Synagogue - first synagogue building
Dedication of the Eagle Street Synagogue,1846  
  1886 Laying cornerstone Scovill Avenue Temple

  Eagle Street Synagogue building around 1928
  In Pursuit of the Eagle Street Synagogue Plaque
  ● The Central Market Planter
  Euclid Avenue Temple
Euclid Avenue Temple Tiffany Mosaic
  Euclid Avenue Temple's Tiffany Windows

The Temple - Tifereth Israel
  Tifereth Israel

  The Willson Avenue Temple (1894)  new
  Building The Temple in University Circle  new
  Photo Gallery of The Temple in University Circle  new
  Inspiration for the Temple's design new
  The Temple at University Circle
  The Temple at University Circle large image
  The Temple at University Circle starts a new life
  The Yizkor plaque at the Maltz Center

B'nai Jeshurun congregation 150 years 
B'nai Jeshurun 150 year timeline 
B'nai Jeshurun congregation 140 years 
  ● Banner 1  1866 to 1920
  ● Banner 2  1920 to 1966
  ● Banner 3  1966 to 1996
  ● Banner 4  1996 to present
The CJN B'nai Jeshurun Timeline 

Congregation Brith Emeth 
and Rabbi Philip Horowitz by Alan Levenson

Cleveland Jewish Center (Park Synagogue) 
- Mixed Seating dispute of the 1920s  new 

Chibas Jerusalem Synagogue

The West Side Synagogues    new

Main page

Simpson Thorman, first Jewish settler
  Simpson Thorman
  His daughter Lizzie Thorman Hays
  Her daughter Rolinda Hays Joseph
  Her son Ralph S Joseph
  His daughter Martha J Joseph

The Alsbacher Document, May 1839 
  Moses Alsbacher and his descendants
  Graves of Moses Alsbacher and descendants 
Larger images of the three moved headstones 
  Abe Nebel, who found the document

Jewish Cemetery in Unsleben Bavaria
Connecting with The Lost Jews of Unslebe new

Jewish Cleveland before the Civil War
by Schwartz and Lasky
Pages 1 - 15    
Pages 16 - end 
Appendix introduction 
Appendix - list of 850 antebellum Jewish residents 
   A-C   D-F   G-I   J-L
  M-R   S-U   V-Z

Sam and Minnie Klausner, from Tetiev, Ukraine, 1910
  The Pale of Settlement
   From Russia to Cleveland
      Tetiev Today by Fred Livingstone 

   Sam and Minnie's Life in Cleveland
Sam and Minnie's Family in 1926
  Klausner Cooperage
  Sam and Minnie's Children
Mary Klausner and Issie Klotzman
  Fred Klotzman: Mary and Issie's Son
  A Family Scrapbook
  Family Reunions
  Postscript: Lisa Klausner Moves Home
  Passenger Lists (Ship Manifests)
     1910 Minnie and children 
       1910 Minnie and children page 2
       1907 Issie Klotzman
  US Census Forms
      1910 Issie Klotzman
      1920 Sam and Minnie 
      1920 Sam and Minnie's children
      1930 Sam and Minnie
Mary Klausner and Issie Klotzman Marriage Record
  Mary Klausner Klotzman's Letter
  Klausner Cooperage Newspaper Story
  Klausner Family Tree

Institutions main page
  1840 petition for space in the city cemetery
Willet Street Cemetery 
  Fir Street Cemetery
  Mayfield Cemetery
       Mayfield Cemetery deeds
United Jewish Cemeteries 
  Cleveland's first Jewish burial - Kanweiler    new
Bellefaire - Jewish Children's Bureau
  Memorial Tablets at the Orphan Asylum    
  Inside Looking Out
     The Jewish Orphan Asylum by Gary Polster
B'nai B'rith
  East 55th Street building and its loss by fire in 2010
Cleveland's Holocaust Memorial
  Large image of the memorial
Jewish Federation of Cleveland
  Jewish Community Council 
  Names and Logos over the years 
New logo and its 2017 improvement 
  Locations over the years
First eight homes, starting in 1903
  The ninth decision, made in 1963
  Moving east: a chronology 2007 - 2010

  The tenth decision, in September 2008  
  Old building demolished, December 2015 

Jewish Scene broadcasts (1978-2000)
Aaron Garber Library 
●  Virtual Tour
●  History
●  Aaron Garber Obituary
●  Website
Hebrew Free Loan Association   
Jewish Carpenters Union and Carpenters Hall   

People index page

"Czar" Harry Bernstein
  1899 - Jewish Leaders fight for political reform
  Bernstein's Elbow
  Rise and Fall of Czar Bernstein (1907)

Cleveland's CCAR presidents

Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver by Arnold Berger

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  What's New and What's coming
  Site Guide how we present information
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  Recollections webkeeper's recollections
  1910 census record
Wheeling West Virginia years
  From HUC to Wheeling
  Wheeling 1915-17
  From Wheeling to Cleveland
  Resignation Letter
The Temple - Tifereth Israel in Cleveland
Zionism Ascent to leadership, success and later
  Tannersville photo 1906
  Zionism - notes
  Poem - America  new
  In The Time of Harvest (1963)    new
  On the internet
  The work of Ofer Shiff
Chair in Jewish Studies   new 
LP record made in 1954: What is Judaism   new 
Funeral Service
  El Maley Rachamin
Obituary (N Y Times)
Death Notices (N Y Times) 
Zvi Hirsch Masliansky - Silver's oratorical inspiration
  60th Birthday Celebration
  Silver's Eulogy for Masliansky
  Silver's Handwritten Notes for the Eulogy
Abba Hillel Silver Archives

Rabbi Michaelis Machol by Nathan Arnold
Rabbi Louis Wolsey's tribute to Rabbi Machol

Jewish Members of Cleveland's City Council

Rabbi Israel Porath by his family
  Encyclopedia entries
  Early years
  With President Coolidge
  Porath family in 1929
  50th wedding anniversary
  US Congress
  Soviet Jewry
  Trip to Israel
  Three synagogues
Messages to the community
  Final resting place
  Porath and Silver
  A granddaughter remembers
  "The Stranger" by Shoney Long
  Porath Street
  Window in Oheb Zedek Cedar Sinai Synagogue
  Porath Family Tree

Leon Wiesenfeld  
  Memoir: Jewish Life in Cleveland
Adopted Grandchildren 



by Nate Arnold

Tour Route
Central Market Area  1840-1860   Progressive Field  
East 38th and Community College Ave  1906
East 55th Street    1890-1920
Euclid Avenue and East 82nd  (1912)
East 105th and Ansel Road  (1924)
Hebrew Cultural Garden on East Blvd. (1926)
Parkwood Drive, Morison Avenue
East 105th Street Corey Methodist Church (1921)
  Union Avenue and Kinsman Avenue
Itinerary (pdf)


Cleveland's Jews mourn Abraham Lincoln   
Invocations at Republican conventions   
1904 American Zionist Convention     new

Confirmations in Cleveland by Bud Weidenthal
  Is Confirmation a Disappearing Rite of Passage?
Four generations of confirmations at
The Temple - Tifereth Israel
  1905 father William Weidenthal
  1941 Maurice (Bud) Weidenthal
  1976 daughter Susan Weidenthal Saltzman
  2006 granddaughters Hayley and Stephanie
Two confirmations in the 1860s

Bat Mitzvah Ceremony - 1922 - First in America   
  1949 - Park Synagogue  

Going to the Schvitz by Irv (Earl) Seidman

U N Resolution 181 70th Anniversary    new

On the morning of 9/11 we said Kaddish twice  new

Wharf on Merwin Street   new
Woodland Avenue
    Central Market - where we started
   ● Information Sheet
   ● The last Jewish-owned business in Glenville

Geneva Ohio Jewish Farmers  
   ● The picnics of 1928 and 1929  
   ● Abba Hillel Silver's $1,000 gift  
   ● 1928 picnic photo, with names   
   ● Naming who was in the photo  

   ● The Flock farm and its owners  
   ● Learn more about the farmers  

Cleveland and the Freeing of Soviet Jewry
by Dr Louis Rosenblum

Table of Contents

Preface, From These Beginnings
First Contact with the Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Launching the Cleveland Committee

On the National Scene
An American Jewish Conference on Soviet Jewry

Transforming the Cleveland Committee
Face-to-Face with Visiting Soviet Cultural Groups

Agreement Between the JCFC and the CCSA
CCSA Projects
     Spotlight Newsletter
    Handbook for Community Action
    Students and Housewives 
    Protest Stamps (Seals)
     Movie - "Before Our Eyes"
    Leadership Conferences
 Greeting Cards to Soviet Jews
Freedom Caravan
    Project Sefer
Union of Councils for Soviet Jews
Political Action

The Government of Israel The Elephant in the Room 
    The Office Finds Us
    Blush Off the Rose
    Enforcer or Loose Cannon?
    Office Overtures: Played Dolce
    Office Control Crumbles
    The Why and Wherefore and the Woe
    In Contrast: An American Strategy
    Abe Silverstein
    Louis Rosenblum
    Ann Shenkar
Learn More (links to other resources)
Interview by Daniel Rosenblum  new
   Text of Interview (pdf) 
Pages by others
   25th anniversary of Summit Sunday 

   Natan Sharansky:
     How the movement helped end the Cold War

   Proclamation of a Sabbath for Soviet Jewry (1966)
   Herb Caron: how the movement began (1963)
   Oral History Project 
May 15, 2016 presentation 
Report on Resettlement 

Willson Avenue Temple 1906 
Aaron Garber Library   
Jewish Carpenters Union  
Corky and Lenny's Delicatessen 
The Tannersville Photo of Abba Hillel Silver
Unsleben Bavaria Today
Tetiev, Ukraine Today
Dedication of Silver Hall 2015

Herb Ascherman's Rabbis (2008)
Moshe Adler Moshe Berger
Richard A Block Eric Bram
Frederick A Eisenberg Matthew J Eisenberg
Estelle Gottman-Mills Stephen Grundfest
Michael Hecht Alan Lettofsky
David Lipper Michael A Oppenheimer
Daniel A Roberts Steve Segar
Rona Shapiro Joshua Hoffer Skoff
Susan B Stone Yakov Travis
David S Zlatin