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Building The Temple - Tifereth Israel in University Circle  1/09/20
The design and construction of one of our most important sacred spaces. With a gallery of plans and images.
Abba Hillel Silver Chair in Jewish Studies  11/07/19
How the chair was funded and the five scholars who have held it.
A new Ohio Historical Marker: A MODERN-DAY EXODUS  9/21/19
The marker at Beth Israel The West Temple will honor the founding here of the campaign to free Soviet Jewry and Cleveland's resettlement effort.
Wharf on Merwin Street  9/08/19
Where Cleveland's first Jews and other immigrants landed.
Memorial Tablets at the Jewish Orphan Asylum  7/20/19
What happened to the tablets with the names of benefactors of the old orphan home on Woodland Road?
The West Side Synagogues  3/23/19
For nearly a century the small number of Jews living west of the Cuyahoga River have sustained a synagogue.
Poem - America  2/10/19
Silver's best known poem: "America"" (1923) and its origin.
In The Time of Harvest   2/08/19
A collection of essays published in honor of Abba Hillel Silver on the occasion of his 70th birthday.
The Willson Avenue Temple   9/06/18
The Temple (Tifereth Israel) moved to Central Avenue and East 55th Street (then Willson Avenue) in 1894, after nearly 40 years downtown.
Maurice Maschke - Republican County Leader   (coming soon)
Born in 1868, from living above the family grocery store. to Harvard, then a lawyer. For 20 years the leader of the Cuyahoga County Republicans.
Cleveland Jewish History Sources - 16,000 Index Cards   (8/01/18)
Created in 1954-56 these cards were the sources for Lloyd Gartner's book "History of Cleveland's Jews" and are available to researchers today.
Cleveland's first Jewish burial   (7/21/18)
Early in August 1840, when the body of a peddler named Kanweiler was brought to Cleveland, the community did not yet own a burial ground.
The 1904 convention of American Zionists   (5/29/18)
About 400 Zionist delegates went "west" to Cleveland, meeting from June 3 - 7, 1904. About 2,000 attended the public sessions.
When we said Kaddish twice   (5/13/18)
We were at a burial service at Mount Olive Cemetery on the terrible morning of 9/11 and said Kaddish twice.
The First American Bat Mitzvah   (2/14/18)
Judith, Rabbi Mordecai Kaplan's oldest daughter, was the first, on Saturday March 18, 1922. We include her personal account of that important day.
Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies in Cleveland   (1/26/18)
It was exactly 27 years after America's first Bat Mitzvah in New York that Park Synagogue celebrated our city's first Bat Mitzvah.
LP record: What is Judaism   (12/23/17)
In a 1954 LP record we hear Abba Hillel Silver explain the principles of Judaism.
Jewish History Hub   (12/20/17)
A new website and an attempt to use social media to build a community of people and organizations interested in our area's Jewish history.
Making a Connection   (12/18/17)
This website and The Lost Jews of Unsleben in Germany connect.
The 70th anniversary of U N Resolution 181  (12/06/17)
On November 29, 1947 the United Nations passed Resolution 181 that divided the British Mandate into Jewish and Palestinian sections, and Jerusalem.
An improved logo for the Jewish Federation of Cleveland  (10/24/17)
We think many Clevelanders will welcome this unannounced change.
B'nai Jeshurun Congregation 150 year timeline   (10/17/17)
Two large banners display key dates in the congregation's rich history.
The Cleveland Jewish Center Controversy (1920s)
The most complete study of a four year dispute over mixed seating is a new essay by Professor Ira Robinson in the American Jewish Archives Journal.
Our Jewish Community's Oldest Signed Document
In 1840 Cleveland's Jews asked for land in the city's cemetery on Erie Street (today East 9th). See the just-discovered petition.
Federation's Names and Logos Over the Years   (8/08/17)
We present a useful page from their old website
The Yizkor Plaque in the Maltz Performing Arts Center   (7/26/17)
After millions had seen it at the 1939-1940 World's Fair it became part of the Memory Corner in The Temple's sanctuary .
The Flock Farm and Meyer and Slova Flock   (7/12/17)
The Harpersfield Ohio farm where the Geneva Jewish farmers met and its owners Meyer and Slova Flock.
Silver's Gift to the Geneva Ohio Jewish Farmers   (5/04/17)
What was the source of those funds, what was their purpose?
Geneva Ohio Jewish Farmers   (3/08/17)
The now lost agricultural community about 50 miles east of Cleveland and their 1928 and 1929 picnics.
B'nai Jeshurun Congregation 150th anniversary   (3/03/17)
A new overview page plus the Cleveland Jewish News remarkable Timeline page.
The Wiesenfeld's Adopted Grandchildren  (2/26/17)
Michele Lowy Seligmann tells how she and her sister Ellen became  the "adopted" granddaughters of Leon and Esther Wiesenfeld.
Jewish Community Council  (12/30/16)
Formed in 1935, the Council included 140 organizations before it merged with the Jewish Welfare Federation in 1951.   (PIP)
Leon Wiesenfeld  (12/27/16)
This Polish-born journalist was editor of Cleveland Yiddish-language papers, a fighter for his people, and an ardent Zionist.
Jewish Life in Cleveland in the 1920s and 1930s (12/27/16)
Wiesenfeld's memoir is a little known treasure of tales of Cleveland many years ago. We publish the entire 160 page book. (pdf)
Involvement in the Soviet Jewry movement  (10/21/16)
The text of extensive interviews of Louis Rosenblum by Daniel Rosenblum (pdf)
Tiffany Mosaic at the Euclid Avenue Temple       (8/16/16)
We show the glass mosaic with a line from a Psalm of David, created by Tiffany Studios, that hangs in the choir loft.
Invocations at Republican conventions       (7/19/16)
The text by Abba Hillel Silver (1952) and Ari Wolf (2016)
Resettlement of Russian Speaking Jews to Cleveland
Read Rachel Davidson's carefully researched report written in August 2013.  (posted here on 5/18/16)
Lou Rosenblum and Herb Caron appearance   (5/17/16)
We give a "taste" of the May 15, 2016 talks by these leaders of the campaign to free Soviet Jewry.
Soviet Jewish Oral History Project  (5/03/16)
The Soviet Jewish Oral History Collection will become a new WRHS research resource in the fall of 2016.
Set an empty chair at your Seder table  (4/18/16)   editorial
We suggest that an empty chair at your Seder table be a reminder of the 20th century Exodus of Soviet Jews.
B'nai Jeshurun Congregation 140 year timeline   (2/09/16)
We display four images - a visual presentation of key events in the history of our city's first Conservative congregation.

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