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Involvement in the Soviet Jewry Movement by Louis Rosenblum
Projects of the Cleveland Council on Soviet Anti-Semitism

Projects of the Cleveland Council on Soviet Anti-Semitism

Below is a sampling of a few of the many projects designed and carried out by the CCSA, presented in rough chronological order.

Spotlight Newsletter  (1965-1969)
Our newsletter Spotlight was published from 1965 through 1969. By 1969 it had a distribution of more than 18,000 copies.

A Handbook for Community Action on Soviet Jewry  (1965-1970)
We published three resource books for community action, each edition with more content and a larger press run than the one before.

Students and Housewives (1965-1967)      new
Student involvement, debates and protests, with Dan Goldin.

Protest Seals  (1967-1978)
We sold 415,000 sheets, 50 seals to a sheet, of a postage stamp-sized seal. Mort Epstein's design became an icon of the Soviet Jewry movement.

Movie Before Our Eyes  (1968-1975)
Our film on the historic and present day problems of Jews in the USSR, with Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, was rented for group showings 450 times.

Leadership Conferences   (1966 and 1970)
To help develop local leadership we organized two training conferences, both co-sponsored by the JCFC.

Greeting Cards to Soviet Jews   (1970 and later)
For Passover and Rosh Hashanah we sold greeting cards to be mailed to Jews petitioning to leave the the Soviet Union. This people-to-people campaign was then continued by the Union of Councils for Soviet Jews.

Freedom Caravan  (1971)      new
Our caravan that reached out to youngsters in summer camps.

Project Sefer   (1973-1977)
Hebrew learning groups in the Soviet Union were helped with textbooks,  recorded language tapes and material for the self-study of Hebrew, and a two week visit by CBJE Director Henry Margolis.

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