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Chibas Jerusalem  (11/09/13)
On or just before November 7, 2013 part of this old building, once built in 1926 by one of our largest Orthodox synagogues, collapsed.
Jeffrey Morris synagogue history collection  (9/15/13)
Jeffrey Morris has web published much of his rich collection of images and documents on the history of our old shuls as "Jewish Cleveland: Haymarket to the Heights".
Stained Glass window in memory of Rabbi Israel Porath  (7/18/13)
In the chapel at Oheb Zedek Cedar Sinai Synagogue.
The Stranger  by Shony Long  (6/26/13)
A lovely and now confirmed story about the "tenth man" at a Heights Jewish Center morning service and Rabbi Israel Porath. 
Rabbi Israel Porath  1886 - 1974  (6/21/2013)
Israel Porath was the "dean" of Cleveland's Orthodox rabbis. Six family members (two here, four in Israel) furnished content for a new 20 page section of this site. 
Cleveland's  CCAR presidents   (3/01/2013)
Which Cleveland rabbis have led the Central Conference of American (Reform) Rabbis? Just-elected Rabbi Richard Block is the fifth.
The beginnings of the Soviet Jewry movement in Cleveland   (3/01/2013)
Co-founder Herb Caron relates how the fight to free Soviet Jews began here in 1963.
The 1966 proclamation on Soviet Jewry   (2/26/2013)
Cleveland proclaimed December 9-11, 1966 to be a "Sabbath of Dedication for Soviet Jewry". We show the proclamation with a photo of its signing by Mayor Ralph Locher.
Jewish Cleveland - by Jane Avner  (1/08/2013)
A one web page history of Jewish Cleveland, by Jane Avner PhD, co-author of the revised edition of "Merging Traditions". From 2006 edition of Encyclopaedia Judaica.
The 25th anniversary of Summit Sunday  (12/11/2012)
We report on the December 6, 2012 commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Free Soviet Jewry demonstration in Washington, DC.
Rabbi Michaelis Machol (12/09/2012)
Nathan Arnold tells us about Rabbi Machol, Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple's last European born rabbi, who served the congregation for 36 years (1876 - 1912).
Abba Hillel Silver Archives (3/14/2012)
About the Silver archives, stored at the Western Reserve Historical Society in Cleveland.  On 235 reels of microfilm, it is available to scholars worldwide.
Mayfield Cemetery deeds (8/18/2011)
The three real estate deeds (1887 - 1890) that established Mayfield Cemetery and its joint ownership by Tifereth Israel and Anshe Chesed.
Two early confirmations  (6/23/2011)
We find, display and comment on two Plain Dealer reports on confirmation ceremonies: one in 1864 at Anshe Chesed and one in 1868 at Tifereth Israel.
Cleveland's  Holocaust Memorial (5/10/2011)
Kol Israel Foundation's memorial in Zion Memorial Park was dedicated in 1961.
The Jewish Scene radio broadcasts  (3/02/2011)
Starting in November 1978, for more than 21 years these community-sponsored Sunday radio broadcasts won many awards and had an audience that reached 60,000.
This Tempting Freedom [pdf]  (2/10/2011)
In 1973 Allan Peskin PhD, Professor of History at Cleveland State University, wrote the best history of the city's first Jews and Anshe Chesed, its first synagogue. With his permission we asked CSU to digitize and web-publish this out-of-print book.
The Jewish Orphan Asylum  (1/14/2011)
Professor Gary Polster, author of "Inside Looking Out", the book about the Jewish Orphan Asylum, provides a page on the institution founded by B'nai Brith in 1868 for Jewish orphans of the Civil War. We know it today as Bellefaire - JCB.
Jewish members of Cleveland City Council  (1/10/2011)
The toughest page on this site. When first published in May 2010 it had nine names. After online research, visits to the city's archives, plus suggestions received, it now tells about 28 of them. We think we've found them all.  (Famous Last Words)
1899 - Jewish leaders fight for political reform  (12/22/2010)
They rent a hall to persuade Jewish voters to vote for a reform mayoral candidate. Rabbi Moses Gries says "Don't be subjects of the Czar" - the Czar being ward boss Harry Bernstein. The next day's Plain Dealer told the story in incredible detail.
The Rise and Fall of Czar Bernstein 1907        (12/10/2010)
A Plain Dealer Sunday Supplement story about Harry (Czar) Bernstein, Republican political boss and entrepreneur, and his fall from wealth and power.
A 1920 directory of Jewish Cleveland  (11/21/2010)
We found the American Jewish Yearbook for 1920-21. We've captured the Cleveland pages so you can get a sense of organized Jewish life here 90 years ago.
What Elie Wiesel told the Dalai Lama  (10/15/2010)
Years ago the Dalai Lama asked Elie Wiesel how the Jewish people survived without a homeland. Because Wiesel's reply speaks to the purpose of these pages, it's now at the top of our "About This Website" page.
Federation moves east - a chronology  (9/22/2010)
In 2008 we added pages to show the nine offices Federation has used since it began in 1903 - all of them downtown. Our new page links to press releases and newspaper accounts that outline the great 2008 debate about moving east, the Board's decision of 9/11/2008, and the move to Beachwood. No commentary - just the facts.
The Eagle Street Synagogue building around 1928   (9/7/2010)
Railroad historian Drew Penfield found this sad picture of Cleveland's first synagogue building, now being used as part of a freight depot.
Annual review of website History pages  (8/31/2010)
We believe that organizations that tell their history well inform new members, show how they have adapted over the years and recognize their past leaders and donors. This year's survey of Jewish organizations finds improvement, though there are still some, including one more than 100 years old, whose pages say nothing.
The Tannersville photo taken in 1906   (8/17/2010)
For years I had been looking for the photo of "Abe" Silver at his first Zionist meeting. He is at the 1906 national conference in the Catskills, only 13 years old, in knickers. Then Marshall Weinberg, a grandson of Zvi Hirsch Masliansky, mailed me a Zionist newspaper printed in 1936. In it was this precious photo.
Zvi Hirsch Masliansky's Eulogy  (8/06/2010)
In 1943 Rabbi Abba Hillel Silver gave a eulogy for the man who had been his oratorical inspiration. We show the handwritten notes for it. From the Silver Archives at WRHS.
Leonard Case's great gift to Cleveland's Jews  (7/20/2010)
Why, in 1843, did Leonard Case Sr, a Protestant, give The Israelitic Society (Anshe Chesed Fairmount Temple) land for its first synagogue? This is the first time the full story of the gift has been told. We find reasons going back to 1750. How we learned about it is an incredible chain of old-time story-telling and modern technology.
CJN's new Digital Archive    (7/5/2010)
The Cleveland Jewish News Digital Archive, a searchable resource, has every CJN issue since its first one in 1964. It's a wonderful (and almost free) new tool for anyone who want to learn more about the stories of their families or their organizations.
Abba Hillel Silver's funeral   (6/15/2010)
We show the four-page description of the service, with the eulogies and prayers, that The Temple mailed to its members a few weeks after his funeral, and add brief bios of the seven participants in the service.
Abba Hillel Silver's gravesite   (5/25/2010)
He is buried in a beautiful, simple space in Mayfield Cemetery, marked by a huge granite boulder: wife Virginia on one side, son Daniel Jeremy Silver on the other.
Former B'nai B'rith building on East 55th Street lost by fire  (5/20/2010)
Here, on February 24, 1917, 24-year-old Abba Hillel Silver gave a speech that all the trustees of The Temple heard. They immediately decided to bring him to Cleveland.
Our first three cemeteries  (5/10/2010)
This page, developed with Nate Arnold, began with our attending the rededication of Fir Street Cemetery, then to Willet Street, and last to Mayfield Cemetery.
Bernstein's Elbow   (5/01/2010)
Around 1900 Harry (Czar) Bernstein, the Jewish ward leader had so much influence that a bend was made in a street to leave his saloon undisturbed.
Site Map   (4/15/2010)
With more than 250 pages it was time for a one-line-per-page Table of Contents.
Virtual Tour of Old Jewish Cleveland   (4/8/2010)
Nate Arnold, who has led many all-day bus tours of old Jewish Cleveland, "scripted" this virtual tour of the old neighborhoods and their "shuls".
Congregation Brith Emeth and Rabbi Philip Horowitz   (3/30/2010)
Professor Alan Levenson, our favorite teacher at the Siegal College of Jewish Studies, left for an endowed chair at the U. of Oklahoma. He let us publish his essay on this Reform congregation (1959-1986) and Philip Horowitz (1922-2002), its founding rabbi.
The Temple at University Circle Starts a New Life   (3/19/2010)
On March 19, 2010 it was announced that The Temple at University Circle will start a new dual life as the Milton and Tamar Maltz Performing Arts Center of CWRU, with The Temple continuing to use its Sanctuary for High Holy Day worship and life cycle events. Our page was up that day, noting that no page had given us more pleasure.